Lunch at Ellsworth

I am not dead. Although I’m not very much alive either… Still recovering from illness and exhaustion. But I am very sorry to see how the intense Oxford student life has led me to neglect a blog that I absolutely love writing.

However, I am on “holiday” at the moment, and can finally sit down to share some content with you. On top of that, I spent a few days in the place where I get most of my inspiration: Paris. I had the most beautiful weather which allowed me to take many photographs (I will upload this month so keep an eye over here !) and of course, I got to eat a lot. I went back to a few favourites, but also grabbed the opportunity to  try some places.

It was so exciting to discover places that have just opened, but also restaurants I didn’t get to try when I was still a parisienne. On the menu today, I present to you Ellsworth ! 1er arrondissement by the Palais Royal, it doesn’t get more central Paris than that. Yet, the name couldn’t be less French…  stepping in this small and elegant wooden restaurant to have a couple of French waiters bringing you an elegant fried chicken dish is wonderfully refreshing when you’re in one of the most touristy areas of the city of light. The audacity to match French elegance with American cheek is an absolute success in this cosy and discreet restaurant. With a delicious 20€ lunch menu (on week days), a soft light that hits the marble tables beautifully, and an unlimited supply of rustic bread, Ellsworth is sure to win your heart.


Their signature dish: a classic yet elevated fried chicken with a buttermilk sauce… The tastiest dishes are the simplest.

img_3325 img_3312

As for the braised beef and mashed potatoes, let’s just say the potatoes were so silky I almost tucked myself underneath. And that beef was butter in my mouth.

img_3313 img_3328

The highlight of this lunch was probably the dessert… A sweet potato cake on a bed of caramel, topped with chai spice ice cream and sweet potato crisps. Chic and comfort all in one bite.


Ellsworth truly is a unique restaurant which has made it to the top of my Paris recommendation list. (make sure you book your table!)

34 rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris
+33 1 42 60 59 66
Week day lunch menu: 2 courses 20€, 3 courses 26€
Dinner: 20-30€ per person


Incontournables plaisirs parisiens

Having been away from Paris for a week, I’m already planning my next trip back as soon as term ends, and have started craving the little things that make Parisian life so special. Other than my love for croissants and pains au chocolat (which you all already know about), these are my absolute must-guilty pleasures when I’m in my favourite city.


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My surprising Paris comfort food: Siseng

This post took long enough but I am super happy to share this post with you all because it’s about my favourite restaurant in Paris ! Siseng, on the Canal Saint Martin.


I know it’s a pretty bold statement, but if the apocalypse happened, and I could only save on restaurant to feed myself for the rest of my poor and sad life on a destroyed Earth, I’d choose Siseng. It’s the only Parisian address that would bring me enough comfort to emotionally survive the end of the world. Heck, maybe I’d get over it !  Continue reading

Broken Biscuits

Broken biscuits is a little bakery/café that will simply steal your heart. Nested in the shade of a little quiet street, a “passage”, it’s perfect for an afternoon treat on the week-end, when the street is so quiet tables can sit in the middle of the road without a worry.

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Lebanese Stand at Bastille Market

Every Thursday, the Boulevard Richard Lenoir turns into this massive food wonderland, commonly known as the Marché Bastille. With an incredible range of choice from veggies to seafood at a reasonable price, it attracts Parisians who come to shop for groceries. The one thing that makes me long for Thursday lunch break is the Lebanese stand of the market: Zaatar W Zeit.


Located closer to the place de la Bastille end, this stand serves a big crowd at a little price. As always, you can tell by the long line of Parisians who work in the neighbourhood queuing for their lunch that you’ve come to the right place. Nothing beats a menu deal at 5.50€ for a flat bread sandwich, a cool drink and a cheeky baklava. I should add that the sandwich is super long and will keep the fastest eaters busy for a while.


If you’re interested in getting more than just a sandwich (I can understand), 9€ platters with literally everything they make is another option. It comes with a ton of flatbread for you to dip, and dip again.

The system is simple: you queue, you order and pay, get a token, move along, wait a little, hand your token and walk away with your lunch (Place des Vosges being 5 minutes away, you could’t dream of a better spot to savour your fresh and flavourful Lebanese lunch!). Nibble on some za’atar flatbread while you wait and watch them sprinkle tons of fresh herbs, spread the hummus and drizzle that tahini on there. True foodporn I tell you!

IMG_2866 IMG_2865IMG_2864


For the whitely dressed, be careful! Go for the napkins, or the sandwich drippings will make you look like the idiot who doesn’t know how to eat (aka me.).

Zaatar W Zeit, Marché Bastille
Boulevard Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris
Every Thursday
Price range: 4-10€