Halva Bakery

It goes without saying, I miss Paris already. London’s grey sky has made me nostalgic of crossing Parisian bridges in the morning while eating delicious viennoiseries for breakfast. (I’m not exaggerating, my life in Paris was like a movie). Fortunately, I found some comfort at Halva Bakery (Fulham Road) where the pastry chef, Anne-Laure, who was born and trained in France, knows everything there is to know about viennoiseries and other pastry delights. It hurts the wallet a little to go from paying 1€ for a croissant to 2.50£ (eating in) but I’m ready to pay the price if it means I can still wallow in butter and sugar.

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Best Gelato in London

I scream. You scream. Ice-cream!

Looking for the best ice-cream in London? Search no more my friend… The best of the best is located in a cute little street of Fulham, Jerdan Place, and it ROCKS. I pass by it almost everyday, to my tastebuds’ fortune (and fitness misfortune…) and I still haven’t gotten over how much I LOVE it.
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Dishoom in Shoreditch

I’ve heard about Dishoom gradually. It was my mom who first mentioned it: she had had a girls’ dinner with her friends at this really trendy Indian place in Shoreditch (which she called “Dish Room”…) and had recommended it strongly. I then saw that Sorted Food had eaten there. And then it escalated, a lot of food bloggers/vloggers would talk about it up to the point that I found it in London’s top restaurants! I had been harassing JB about it. Finally, colleagues at work were talking about it 3 days ago and I was thinking “that’s it! I have to go!” Imagine my delight when my mom said she’d take me to lunch there yesterday!
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Tapas in Covent Garden @Opera Tavern

After almost three years of being together, Julien and I were finally able to spend Valentine’s day together as for once this year, we weren’t separated by this big ocean they call the Atlantic. It’s been so wonderful getting to see each other at least once a week, just hopping on the Oxford tube and spending occasions such as Valentine’s day together. What did we do? I couldn’t go around a wonderful date night focused on food (and my Valentine ofc). So Julien took me to a tapas place in Covent Garden called Opera Tavern.
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