Lost postcard from Philly

I love writing postcards when travelling. If you look well, you always find some with pretty photos  that perfectly render your experience in that place. I take my pen down, write about 10 of them, empty my wallet buying stamps and put them in the post. So far so good. But then comes the more annoying bit : praying my card made it to my family and friends’ mailbox. I come home and ask everyone around. As I write to people all across the world, I understand it doesn’t take the same time for my card to get to Oxford as it does to get to Texas. Sometimes it doesn’t make it at all… (and there’s nothing I hate more than lost mail </3). And it’s sometimes taken up to 2 months ! In those cases you can’t imagine my joy when someone calls to tell me they’ve finally received my postcard.

Back when I was visiting Julien in DC this Spring, we took a day trip to Philly to visit a new place, try some new food of course and visit my friends Maya and Thomas who were just finishing there time at Penn.  It goes without saying, lots of food was eaten, lots of pictures were taken. However, remember that roll with the pictures of Georgetown that decided to hide in a shoe for almost 4 months ? Most of my photos from Philly were on there too !!

Consider this post my lost postcard from Philly ! Or “How to do Philly in one day” ;D

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Georgetown on film

Long distance relationship is hard. It will usually lead to feeling lonely at times, when you can’t see the person you love everyday and others don’t understand why you’re giving it a shot when “it never works”. I’m here to tell you: it can! Falling in love 3 months before my boyfriend moved to America to study at Georgetown was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, I probably cried the most tears I have ever cried in my life (and if you knew me, you’d know I cry a LOT). But here we are today: he’s back in London, we made it through and we’re together. If it weren’t for his studies in the US, I probably wouldn’t have crossed the Atlantic ocean yet, and fallen in love again, this time with the prettiest neighbourhood that is Georgetown. You can’t really beat quiet streets, cute colourful houses and tasty food businesses, and all that just by the water. In a way, I’m incredibly grateful as it has made us strong, it has made us grow, and it has made us fatten a bit.

I’m so happy that Julien is back, but it does mean I won’t get to see Georgetown again for a while (when I used to go once a year!), a place where I was always happy simply because I was reunited with my loved one. I will miss walking along beautiful houses, our trip to Georgetown Cupcake, studying in the sun on campus and watching people pass by sitting on a bench by the Potomac river.

The following photos are very precious to me. For 3 reasons: 1) they’re the last memories I have of my annual trips to DC, 2) they remind me of how strong Julien and I have been and how far we’ve come, 3) I thought those beautiful memories were lost when my roll of film decided to hide in a shoe for over 3 months!

I hope that you enjoy these shots! There’s always a bright side to things, and travelling to America once a year definitely made our long distance relationship worth it. ;)

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Georgetown Cupcake

I know I’ve already written about Georgetown Cupcake, but I’m doing it again as I can’t stress enough how amazing this little bakery that started out on the corner of 33rd and M Street in Georgetown is… It’s become a ritual for Julien and I to go on my last day in DC whenever I come visit. It’s the one thing that will comfort me from saying goodbye to Georgetown and my loved one.


Don’t worry, it’s not the only time I go during my stay: I’ve grown addicted to their caramel latte. I seriously can’t drink regular coffee while in America, I need to spike it with sugar and full fat milk, otherwise what’s the point?

They are by far the best cupcakes I’ve ever had… Better than Crumbs & Doilies (which I rank quite high already), better than Baked and Wired, better than Humming Bird.
They’re the perfect size, the cake part is moist, the butter cream has been beaten to perfection. There are many cool flavours, which almost all have edible looking colours and are simply pretty to look at. I just like walking in the store sometimes and stare at those beauties. I’m in love with their signature swirls and decoration!

After trying multiple flavours, Julien and I now stick to our respective favourites: birthday cake with milk chocolate frosting, and salted caramel. I love the pink boxes. I love their cute shop. The only thing I could do without is the long queue outside, but that’s incompatible with all the elements I’ve just mentioned so I have to compromise.

Anyways, I hope the photos will make you long for cupcake dreams. They have shops in New York, Boston, LA, Bethesda, Atlanta and of course Georgetown: don’t miss out next time you go to America! I know I never do!

IMG_1461 IMG_1444 IMG_1448

Washington DC on film

The downside about film photography is the wait. You take a picture on your camera, and who knows how long you’ll have to wait until you finish your roll, develop it and can finally see how the photo came out? The great thing, is what may seem as a negative aspect  truly turns into one of the greatest things of film photography: rediscovering memories you had sort of left in the back of your mind.
I recently dropped an old roll at the Snappy Snaps next to my house and found some pictures from last summer, so they were over 3 months old. Needless to say, I had completely stopped thinking about them, and the surprise of seeing them for the very first time was a magical moment.

On this note, I leave you with some of shots of the precious memories of my last trip to Washington this summer.

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Dumbarton Oaks

Other than restaurants and bakeries, there are non-food-related places that I like visiting when I’m in DC. I recently discovered Dumbarton Oaks, a beautiful residence in Georgetown. Its gardens are opened to visit in the afternoon and it only costs 5$ for students. Julien and I headed there to have a nice little walk between trees, fountains and vegetable gardens. We spotted a few other couples who had taken refuge from the heat in the shade, students who had brought reading to do on a bench and other people who like me wanted to explore. I particularly liked the vegetable garden, just because I love the concept of growing your own food and herbs (nothing better than stroking the leaves of a sage plant and bringing your hand to your nose). Here are some photos I took when I was there, they might convince you to choose this venue for your wedding (I know it’s made it on my list).

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