Oxford guide on Khoollect

I am super proud to share a little guide about some of my favourite places in Oxford that I’ve written for Rachel Khoo’s online magazine, otherwise known as Khoollect!


Please have a read and let me know in the comment section what you think of it and if you’re planning on visiting Oxford anytime soon!

Lots of love,


Oxford, a year in the life: Autumn

My first term back at Oxford has just finished… You can tell how crazy it’s been by the little amount of posts I’ve uploaded these past 8 weeks. I am not proud of myself, BUT I still took many photos, and I thought I’d share with you how gorgeous Oxford has been. I’d like to think the warm colours of autumn covering the beautiful architecture of this inspiring university make all the hard work, the long nights, the tears and the stress worth it (almost).

PS: who else watched the Gilmore Girls revival? What did you think about it? I was personally incredibly disappointed on numerous levels (writing, filming, acting etc). Happy to debate in the comment section ;)

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Britain, what have you done?

On my way home last night, I called my boyfriend to ask him what the exit polls were. I wasn’t worried, just curious about how many people would have voted to leave while obviously a majority of people was going to vote “remain”.

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was turn off Airplane mode on my phone not to check the news, it wasn’t even on my mind, but to look at social media, messages from my boyfriend, bref: normal morning routine. Instead, as soon as wifi hit my phone, it started buzzing with flash notifications from news apps, screenshots from my boyfriend, Facebook statuses of despair…

Seeing the results on a map, the division between London and the rest of Britain, the division between Britain and Ireland and Scotland, and seeing a girl on the EU referendum snapchat story get it wrong and shout “I voted to leave the UK” I come to the realisation I must have been really silly to think this unknown and unpromising future was inconceivable…


Cherry blossom trees in London

Spring is upon us and do you know where the cherry blossom trees have bloomed the most? … Instagram of course! I don’t know if it’s the fact they’re the symbol of spring, that they have their own emoji or simply their pink colour that makes us brandish our smartphones and cameras. Either way, I’ve had the amazing chance to spot them in my favourite cities this year, that is Paris, Washington DC and London! Where do you love spotting them?

FH000035 FH000037

OOTD on King’s Road

I’m not a fashion expert. I like food, and fitness. My favourite magazines are Delicious. and Women’s Health, not Vogue, not Elle.

However, despite my lack of expertise, I’m still very fond of it. Being into photography, I can’t really resist scrolling down fashion blogs and admire not only the composition of the outfits but also the composition of the photos. Whether it is pictures of food, landscapes, or clothes on a person, photography remains the same: work of composition, light and colours.


Other film photographers will be able to understand my issue when I came back to London to develop a few rolls of film and still had about 10 exposures left in my Pentax K1000. I knew I had pictures of Paris I really wanted to be processed but I had to finish what was left in the cannister before heading to my photo service shop.


Like in Paris, the colours in London this time of year are absolutely breath taking and I thus dragged my sister out to find a pretty spot and take some shots. We found the perfect place off King’s Road and got started.


I had never really shot with a “model” and it was the funniest experience figuring out what poses she should do, yelling “look to the left, smile, look natural, take off the glasses!”


FH000030 FH000025 FH000027 FH000026 FH000031 FH000032

This isn’t really a fashion post:

1- I’m not going to showcase the elements of my sister’s outfit as most items are really old and certainly not avilable anymore but if you should know they’re for the most part from Topshop

2- Like I said, I’m not a fashion expert and I was just playing with my camera. I’m quite happy with the results and might do more photos like these.


I really just wanted to take advantage of fall colours in London but make my photos a little more exciting using my sister as a model. I hope you enjoy the shots!