Paris est une fête

Ceux qui me connaissent sauront que je ne fais pas partie des adorateurs de Hemingway, et encore moins de son livre A moveable feast dont j’adore néanmoins, et bien malgré moi, la traduction du titre. Oui: Paris est une fête. Pas la “fête” que je lis dans les passages de l’ami Ernest, mais la fête dans les théâtres et salles de concert parisiens, en terrasses et dans les rues, sur les quais où on danse la salsa ou le rock, sur les ponts où les musiciens font vibrer nos promenades. La fête de Paris, c’est ce lifestyle que nous ne trouvons pas ailleurs. Ce lifestyle qui a  toujours attiré les artistes et les rêveurs. On débat sur le déclin de la France, mais Paris rayonne toujours. Paris c’est le vin, les clopes, le chic, l’odeur du métro qui remonte au trottoir, les pâtisseries à tous les coins de rue, c’est la Seine, les gens qui courent et qui poussent, les amoureux qui se tiennent la main. Paris c’est cette ville qui vibre, et qui vibre tant que j’aime à croire (call me a self-centred French) que ceux qui lui en veulent en sont les plus jaloux. Jaloux de cette liberté, jaloux de cette énergie et jaloux de cette joie de vivre. Il y a eu des attentats, il y en aura d’autres. Il y a eu et il y aura toujours de la haine, et malheureusement des victimes, parce que nous sommes trop cons pour comprendre que le vivre ensemble est ce qu’il y a de plus souhaitable pour le bien commun. Mais en attendant, Paris est et sera toujours une fête.

Toutes mes pensées aux victimes du 13 novembre 2015, à leurs familles et à tous ceux touchés par les auteurs de ces attentats barbares.



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5 spots to embrace Parisian life

We all know what the touristy destinations are in Paris: Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris. What if you’re like me, and long to find the spots that will make you feel like a local when travelling, even just for a day? Here are my 5 favourite spots to embrace Parisian life effortlessly. You’ll be surprised that some of those spots are actually pretty iconic, but if you do them the right way, you’ll feel just like you belong in the city of lights.

1. Breakfast on Place Dauphine

This little square has to be one of the most magical spots in Paris. Niched at one end of the Ile de la City, it goes unnoticed as tourists are too busy taking selfies by Notre Dame on the other end. One of my favourite things to do has to be buying a pastry from a boulangerie and walking down the Seine. I start crossing the Pont Neuf and reach Plate Dauphine where I find myself a bench. I’m all by myself, and enjoy my breakfast as the city quietly wakes up while I watch the waiters taking tables out at the Caveau du Palais.



2. Picnic at Place des Vosges

Another iconic Parisian square. Located at the end of the Marais and the popular Rue des Francs Bourgeois, this spot, formerly called “Place Royale” will make you time travel. Overlooked by fancy high ceiling flats and dotted with four fountains ,it is French at its best: perfectly symmetrical, circled with beautiful arcades, slate rooftops and warm red bricks. It’s the ideal spot for a summer picnic as it is one of the rare pretty gardens where the grass is allowed.



3. Apéritif on the quais

Parisians meet up after work and sit on the quais, while tourists on the water discover the city by passing under its historic bridges. The Seine has this power of bringing people together: simple waving at strangers put a smile on everyone’s face. Buy yourself a bottle of nice wine (and don’t forget a corkscrew!), a baguette, some cheese and charcuterie and you’re in for an evening made of simple pleasures. Tasty food, a good drink and a group of friends by the water is all you need to feel Parisian. My personal favourite spot has to be the Quai du Louvre, just by the Pont Royal with a view on the Musée d’Orsay.



4. Evening stroll on the Pont des Arts

The most famous Parisian bridge, along with Pont Alexandre III, it has unfortunately been stripped of the thousand of locks that built its fame. It has nonetheless retained its charm and is my favourite spot to watch the sunset over the Grand Palais glass roof. There are many gorgeous views in Paris, but this one remains the most breathtaking to me. I mean, I’ve shed tears just standing above the water. If you’re lucky, a musician will be playing on the bridge and play the soundtrack to that movie perfect moment. I also recommend stopping by during your midnight walks, when it’s at its quietest. Just sit on a bench, and watch all the lights illuminate “la plus belle ville du monde”.



5. Drinks at the Canal Saint-Martin

Paris ultimate trendy and hipster spot in the 10th arrondissement is where you’ll find the most authentic and young Parisian crowd. Everyone’s meeting up after a filling dinner in the neighbourhood (where there’s too much to choose from for some really good food) and simply sitting down to enjoy the rest of the night. Far from “pre-drinking”, this spot is for “on-drinking” but without the need to get smashed. Everyone’s here to enjoy a tipsy evening and chat the night away.


There are many more Parisian spots that are dear to me, but these 5 have to be my favourites. They punctuated my movie life while I lived in Paris and will be my first destinations as soon as I’m back.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Parisian spots are and how you like to go about your day in the French capital!

Photos: Pentax K1000 – Fujifilm Super X-tra 400

Goodbye Paris

Today I finish the chapter of my life as a Parisian, and start my London pages again where I left them. I said goodbye to Paris 3 years ago, not knowing when I’d be back next. It turned out I wouldn’t come back before becoming a Parisian again. This time it’s different. This time Paris stole my heart. I met many amazing people, discovered inspiring businesses, explored the prettiest neighbourhoods, spent the best evenings, sipped the tastiest coffees and ate the most delicious foods. Paris rocked my world, and I’m only saying goodbye for a little while, because I know I’ll be back as soon as possible, mostly because Parisian lifestyle is like a drug: once you get a taste of the simple yet addictive pleasures of the city of lights, you just can’t let go.

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Pentax K1000 – Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

La Traversée de Paris

Remember that Woody Allen movie, “Midnight in Paris”, where the main character travels back in time as he wanders around the streets of Paris? Well this can happen to you too! Once a year, half way through the summer, hundreds of vintage and beautiful cars do la Traversée de Paris. You can spot the convoy throughout the city and in specific iconic places such as Montmartre, Place de la Concorde, etc. My friend Arthur and I absolutely wanted to see it and shoot some pictures, so here’s the result!

The experience is rather authentic: car owners particularly commit to the role by dressing in a very old fashion way and you come to wonder how they breathed air back then. ..

Pentax K1000 – Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

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Promenade sur Seine #9

I have loved spending this summer in Paris. The city and the quais have become so lively, it’s made walks home so pleasant. I just want to stand on bridges, watch boats pass by and tourists wave back while Parisians read and drink on the berges.

Paris, you are beautiful <3


Pentax K1000 – Fujifilm Superia 400