Hi there! I’m a Paris based eater, traveller and photographer.

This website is a platform I created to share bits of my life in Oxford (previously), Paris and abroad.

Here you will find a collection of digital and film photographs, some favourite recipes and whatever tips I can share with the internet that relate to my interests.


And my portfolio is right over here :)



3 replies to About
  1. Hi Pau, I came across your Instagram and love your pictures. I’m an American fashion blogger based in Paris this summer, and am desperate to find a photographer to shoot some street style photos from time to time. If you’re interested I would love to set up a time to shoot this week! My Instagram is @l.addict, feel free to check it out :)

  2. Je suis agréablement surpris de trouver ce blog, très réussi.
    J’espère que tu te souviens de moi ^^
    Tout plein de bonheur, et continue comme ça car ton travail est vraiment génial.

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