Postcard from Le Perche

Good things take time. This is how Septime has successfully expanded its conscientious lifestyle empire over the years, from the rue de Charonne in Paris to the French countryside in Le Perche. Their hotel / “maison de campagne”, like everything they serve there, sprung very organically from a real estate opportunity and a desire to poke out of their restauranteur comfort zone. The result is a simple (in the noblest sense of the term) and warm place that feels untouched by time and that will have you want to visit every single brocante near Rémalard to redecorate your own home. Although staying there will grant you a break from the unrest of city life, you’ll still eat and drink as well as you would on rue de Charonne, at Septime, Clamato or Tapisserie. Hence proving that you can build a coherent lifestyle brand, albeit made of different and distinct businesses, as long as you take the time to work on how each will encompass the values you uphold in their very own way.

The following is a collection of colour and B&W photos I took during our short and lovely stay there back in May.