Norway, Oslo to Bergen

Julien and I live to travel. We love our life in Paris, but what gets us through tough periods at work, is knowing when and where our next adventure’s going to be. This August, after the fiasco of summer 2018, we were longing for a destination with lots and lots of nature.

Boy were we served.

Instead of heading down South like everyone else, we flew to a very rainy Oslo and made the most of our cosy room at the Amerikalinjen hotel. We managed to get out in between downpours to enjoy coffee at Fuglen and Tim Wendelboe. We also checked out the street food scene at Vippa (big thanks to my friend Pierre for the recommendation) but most importantly had to find a bakery to eat some cinnamon buns : Apent Bakeri.

After those first 2 days, we rented a car and headed on a long rainy road trip (so far I’m making it sound like it was raining non stop, but that’s because it really was…) to a region called Aurland. We stayed in Undredal, in a very cute Airbnb perched on a mountain with a lovely view on the fjords, and a really tricky one lane road leading to it to keep things exciting.

We explored the surrounding region and enjoyed the gorgeous view from Stegastein when the sun finally turned up.

Two days later we drove down to Bergen, stopping on the way to do some zip line at Voss Active Park.

Bergen was very cute, and the surrounding region gorgeous. We enjoyed driving out in the middle of nowhere, onto small islands with very few houses, wondering what their residents could possibly do for a living.

Some food and drinks places we found in Bergen and really enjoyed : Kaffemisjonen for breakfast, Trekroneren for hot dogs, Godt Brod Floyen for sandwiches, Blom for afternoon coffee with brownie and Hoggorm for delicious pizza (Try the one with pineapple on it. I know. Trust me.) and they also have some great wines.

As our trip ended, we drove all the way back to Oslo, stopping on the way for a hike that was well worth the challenge and justified a large dinner at Katla for our last night in Norway.

This one week trip was incredible, but clearly just a preview of all the wonders Norway has to offer, which is why we’ll have to return one day and head even more North (the question remains : will I survive the cold ?).