The whole “college roomate” experience is very much American. I for one am very glad I never had to share my room throughout uni, but I will never be able to introduce a close friend as “my old college roomate”. It is however the case for Julien and his friend Kevin who invited us to his beautiful wedding in Puglia back in July.

We flew to Bari and spent 2 nights in this region of Italy we had never visited. And just like almost everywhere in Italy, it was gorgeous.

We stayed at a simple hotel which had amazing access to the Adriatic Sea, meaning we could swim and have that turquoise blue water all to ourselves (not even exaggerating). We took some time before the wedding to explore Bari, Monopoli and Polignano a Mare which were all charming (and actually less busy with tourists than popular cities like Rome or Venice), and filled with elderly people just casually hanging outside their homes, conversing with peers.

As for the wedding, it was exactly what you’d imagine : beautiful and emotional (Kevin and Bea’s wedding vows had me tear up big time, and thus embarrass Julien).