Lisbon 2019

The great thing about my friend Alix – apart from her being a lovely person – is that her job in financial consulting forces her every now and then to move to cool European cities for semi-long periods of time. This is clearly very inconvenient for her, but quite the advantage for her friends, like me, who use the excuse of visiting her to travel and explore such destinations.

After spending several months in Amsterdam last year (during tulip season!), she moved to Lisbon early 2019. Exactly a year after travelling to Lisbon for Julien’s very first half marathon, I flew back to this beautiful city for a little reunion with Alix and our friends from school Megan and Juliette. We spent a weekend reminiscing high school memories (ie: TPE), discussing women’s issues, eating pasteis de Belem, and drinking cherry liqueur and port till very late at night.

Unfortunately, but very fortunately as well, Alix’s next relocation is going to be PARIS! Which means no travelling to more European cities to see her for now, but a lot of the other stuff (reminiscing memories, discussing women’s issues, eating and drinking till very late at night)!

This has me going: