After spending Christmas with our respective families, Julien and I flew to Israel. The ignorant than I am was looking forward to sunny skirt weather, making our arrival in Jerusalem all the more brutal. It turns out, Jerusalem during Winter, is pretty cold. The windiest storm welcomed us as we headed to Mahane Yehuda Market to get our first dinner (at this great place: Aricha Sabikh), and where we returned on several occasions for last minute groceries before Shabbat, LOTS of chocolate babka and rugelach.

Exploring the Old City felt overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time due to the crowds… I can’t judge a historical landmark for attracting people from all over the world… although their presence and attitude can really take the sacred out of the stones.

I found shelter from this feeling in two wonderful places:
-the Austrian Hospice (which I had read about in Guy Delisle’s Chroniques de Jerusalem), for hot beverage and amazing rooftop view
-Gethsemane Garden and mount of olives, where some of the olive trees are over 2000 years old, and you know what that means

Jerusalem was an inspiring place to visit which I hope you’ll get to discover too. And if you do go, make sure to eat Shakshuka at Jachnun Bar (Hillel Street)!

Video of our Israel trip HERE