Seattle, 2nd time around


I think our second, and unexpected, stay in Seattle was the highlight of our North Pacific trip. For numerous reasons: knowing once and for all the wildfires had crushed our hopes to explore Canada (more on this over here), seeing the sky for the first time in days, and exploring areas of the city we would have completely missed were it not for the disappointing circumstances. Every cloud has a silver lining they say.

To me, that silver lining was:
-watching the sunset over the bay at Golden Gardens
-more doughnuts from General Porpoise 
-crossing the bay to Bainbridge Island on a ferry to explore the Bloedel Reserve
-dinner at The Walrus and the Carpenter
-cyclying through the all American neighbourhood of Ballard, courtesy of electric Lime bikes
-the lamb hummus at Café Munir
-discovering the Ballard locks and spotting seals
-taking pictures of Julien rocking his Patagonia jacket, which he purchased during our first stay in that same city