Late postcard from Copenhagen

It’s nearly December, and everyone asks me if I’m feeling Christmasy yet. The answer this year is “no”. Partly because it’s been Christmas in London since September 30th, partly because I didn’t attend my college Christmas Oxmas dinner this time, partly because I’ve been brooding since I’ve gotten back from Vietnam.

Instead, I already count the days to summer.

I roll my eyes when someone claims to love winter, and the layers, and the hot drinks… As much as I love hot chocolate, I’d rather have an iced latte on a hot sunny day and take long walks past 8pm while the sun sticks around a bit longer.

It probably doesn’t help, but this I-hate-winter-and-my-life-is-a-mess mood has made me dive into old photos from August. Julien and I travelled to the land of HYGGE for our very first time and spent a few days exploring Copenhagen, sipping Joe & the Juice cups (how authentic!), cycling around and gaping at the prices (and that’s to say, coming from London!).

My friend Jess recently pointed out how I/we have a tendency to talk about, judge and mock “tourists”, systematically excluding ourselves from such a group when most of the time we ARE tourists. Well Jess, I’m not going to be a hypocrite this time! I fully embraced the tourist experience in Copenhagen, and it was great.

Julien and I walked along Nyhavn (which I still can’t pronounce) too many times, we had a look at the statue of the Little Mermaid, cycled around Kastellet, spent an afternoon on crazy rides in Tivoli, had breakfast at Grød for the sake of Instagram, climbed up the tower of Church of our Saviour, got in and out very quickly of Christiana, enjoyed some -super expensive- street food on Papiroen, kayaked along the canals (that was an adventure the bumps on Julien’s head will never let me forget) and visited the Hirschsprung collection.

A video of the trip over there :)

And the photos over here … (all shot on film)