Port Meadow

I’ve been on holiday for 2.5 months, and yet can’t seem to have found time to upload anything on the blog. Time… should I say motivation? I think I completely crashed after finals… I spent the first half of the year being the most productive person I had ever been and letting the pressure go kinda backlashed. It doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing all summer: I did some travelling, I’ve been taking photos, I’ve even thought of loads of content to share on this blog. But anything that seemed remotely like a constraint such as making a to do list, writing a post, sticking to an uploading schedule was somehow too much effort for me to deal with.

So here we go: after 2 months of having the photos developed, in my laptop, edited and ready to go, I am finally sharing with you some moments I captured from my last month living in Oxford. I particularly like how these photos turned out. Maybe I’m the only ones who sees it but I find the film gives on some of them an impressionistic look which I’m obviously very fond of, and which I hope encompasses the idyllic vibe I tried to capture.


I’ve written about Port Meadow before, a wonderful place where many Oxford students escape, including myself. However the tight coursework and revision schedule  I had only allowed me to go on 30min walks, perhaps 40min top. This was no longer an issue after June 3rd which meant I was able to properly discover Port Meadow. I say “discover” because it was only after I went on a 3.5 hour walk by myself that I realised how much more there was.

After passing the Perch, I walked along the Thames, passing by many cows starring at me from the other side of the water before  reaching the ruins of Godstow Abbey, a very exciting place for a medievalist like me, as it is where Rosamund Clifford, Henry II’s mistress was buried – and allegedly where he hid her from his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine!


I would have loved to be in the company of friends to grab a pint in the sun and by the water at the Trout – but I know I’ll come back.

Crossing back the meadow on my way back and walking alongside horses munching on grass was the most peace I reached all summer. No noise (not even music), fresh air, sun, green grass, horses, cows, ducks, the water, just me and nature. Part of me wishes I could stay in Oxford, and go on these walks once a month to recharge. Perhaps I should be more proactive at finding such a place near where I live. In the meantime, I have the photos to reminisce over this happy place, and of course share it with all of you.