Citrus detox

It’s just the start of 2017 and you know what it means : this whole new-year-new-me phase is grasping us all. I won’t  repeat what everyone’s been reading everywhere, about resolutions being dropped by February 13th etc. I think it’s fine if the “new you” doesn’t make it past January. Even if bad habits come back, at least you took a short break from them. And that always feels good, especially after the holiday feasting that constitutes the whole of December. You know, when the calories didn’t count, and yet you don’t fit in that dress any more when comes January 1st.

I’m not one who believes in juice cleanse, or any cleanse for that matter. However, I do believe our vitamin intake has decreased during the holidays to make room for starchier foods. Seriously: how colourful were your plates around Christmas ? Unless the rainbow trend has been inflicted on mash potatoes, I’m pretty sure pale colours had pride of place. That’s when this magic juice comes in the picture : made of clementines, oranges, lemon and ginger, it doesn’t get more vibrant and citrusy than this.


It’s zingy, it’s fresh and tasty, it’s what we all need after all this wine and cheese we’ve wallowed in these last weeks. I call it the Vitamin C Challenge !

And to top it all, a juicer is not necessary to make it.

For a big mason jar, or to split in 2 glasses, you will need :

-2 big oranges, or 4 small oranges
-4 clementines
-1 lemon (or less, depends how you handle that zing)
-a small piece of ginger

a juicer or a lemon squeezer + fine grater

If using the juicer method:
-peel your oranges and clementines
-throw them with the ginger in the juicer
-squeeze that lemon
-it’s ready

If using a lemon squeezer:
-grate your ginger in the glass
-split the oranges, clementines in half and squeeze their juice out
-pour in the glass through a strainer if you’re not a pulp person
-squeeze the lemon
-done !

Let me know if you make this juice by commenting below or tagging me @thecroissantpostcards xxx


citrus-detox_thecroissantpostcards_03 citrus-detox_thecroissantpostcards_02