Instagram friendships

As people are more and more opened to online dating and it becomes mainstream to have met your other half on Tinder, the internet has become a favourable space for relationships to start, including friendships.

How do you make friends on Instagram ? 

People often ask me: “did you just message that instagrammer ?” And the answer is usually: Yes !

Remember that behind the Instagram feed you follow is a real person. It turns out, you go to the same cafés, walk around the same neighbourhoods, eat the same food and have the same interest in books or photography. They follow you back, you like each other’s photos all the time and sometimes even leave a comment. It seems you’re bound to bump into one another so why not take charge instead of hoping fate will do the trick ? It’s really worth dropping a private message, letting them know you’d appreciate meeting them in person. And who knows, you’ll really hit it off and will become great friends ! I’ve been lucky enough to experience this many times and truth be said, it’s harder to build a true or deep relationship with someone you’ve only ever interacted virtually. I am more likely to open up about feelings and personal things over coffee than in a private message; the things I don’t mention in my captions because they’re not “Instagram pretty”. Social media is a great way to start and to connect, but at the end of the day reality is the real deal. Your phone is a great tool, social media, the internet and apps are great means to feel informed, connected, part of a community, but nothing beats a 2 hour conversation in the corner of a café.

Sometimes things won’t always click with the person, but that’s fine. You gave it a shot.

Sometimes people won’t answer your messages. It can be hard, it’s true it does take some guts to reach out to someone. Account with thousands of subscribers probably get 20 messages a day and to be frank some of them can snob you if you’re not as “Instagram famous” as them. You’re probably not missing out on the best friendship of all times in this case.

Sometimes people will be super nice and friendly. I really got that feel when the @seemyparis organised an Instagram walk around Montmartre this summer. I had one of the best evenings, meeting many people I had been following for ages, exchanging with them, sharing stories, discovering many common interests. I think it was the first time I realised Instars could be “real” people. Inspiring, friendly and approachable people. I think it’s the best thing about Instagram – despite all its flaws, it’s a wonderful platform for connecting.

Thank you to all the wonderful people I have met thanks to social media who make me smile on a daily basis with their creativity and humour and to all the people who have become my friends. It’s not the numbers and stats, but you that give my “Instagram existence” a meaning.

Lots of love,

Signed: Pauline


Some photos taken from the #walkmyparis walk <3

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