Oxford, a year in the life: Autumn

My first term back at Oxford has just finished… You can tell how crazy it’s been by the little amount of posts I’ve uploaded these past 8 weeks. I am not proud of myself, BUT I still took many photos, and I thought I’d share with you how gorgeous Oxford has been. I’d like to think the warm colours of autumn covering the beautiful architecture of this inspiring university make all the hard work, the long nights, the tears and the stress worth it (almost).

PS: who else watched the Gilmore Girls revival? What did you think about it? I was personally incredibly disappointed on numerous levels (writing, filming, acting etc). Happy to debate in the comment section ;)

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4 thoughts on “Oxford, a year in the life: Autumn

  1. YH says:

    This is so beautiful and lovely, I really hope to make a trip up to Oxford (or pursue studies) one day to see the changing colours of the leaves!

    I personally liked and disliked some aspects of Gilmore Girls – I thought its cinematography was really beautiful and quite different. I thought some of the things Rory did was very unlike her (like falling asleep whilst interviewing a person and having a one night stand with a guy in a wookie costume!) that we were used to from previous seasons, but then again I guess because she’s grown up, things do change! At first I was a little disappointed with the final four words, but after reading a couple of articles that were suggesting its metaphorical meaning, of her being at the age of 32 like Lorelai when the first show started, being pregnant and Logan paralleling Christopher, I somewhat like that element. I really liked the development of Emily as a character, especially in terms of dealing the grief and absence of Richard. A couple of things I disliked however: not enough appearance of Jess & Dean, the musicals which went for way too long. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what aspects you disliked!

    • thecroissantpostcards says:

      Hey !! Sorry for the late response, I’m glad you liked the photos !!

      On Gilmore Girls…
      -I agree with you, the aesthetic was very different, but I didn’t love it. It was very Netflixy, but trying to render the old and quaint aspect of Stars Hollow, and I felt it ended up looking very artificial. (i.e.: the inside of Lorelai’s house).
      -I definitely believe Rory’s character got lost in the writing… I know that in this revival, all the characters are a bit lost and having an existential crisis, but the writing simply did not work with Rory. It just didn’t make sense to me that she would refuse to marry Logan to be independent, to then become his mistress 9 years later. The whole thing also with that boyfriend she keeps forgetting about was meant for comedy, but it was way too exaggerated and was just bad taste I thought. And I really think Alexis Bledel forgot how to act the part. I felt like I was watching Gilmore Girls, but there was this new character basically.
      -I don’t mind the 4 words so much, I do agree the symbolism makes sense with the show. My only issue with it is that it means Logan is the father and I absolutely hate that because again: why would she reject Logan at the end of the original show, to then be tied to him with his baby…
      -I agree that Emily’s character development was interesting… I just hated that because the actor who played Richard died, it was an excuse for the whole revival to revolve around an existential crisis, therapy, fights… There was barely anything uplifting about it except for Luke and Lorelai’s wedding. And the episodes were so long, I was actually forcing myself to watch them. I felt the writers lost what made Gilmore Girls so great. The banter (the dialogues from the original series were so much better, some of the new lines were incredibly cringe worthy), the humour, the characters etc.
      -While the original humour was lost, in my opinion, they tried to make some aspects of the show funny and it just made it worse: the characters’ appearances (Paris, Kirk, Doyle, April etc), they just portrayed them in very exaggerated ways and it was just too much. (also: I understand the point of a revival, to bring back as many characters as possible, but sometimes it felt too forced and unnecessary, i.e.: Paris seeing Tristan at Chilton, wondering if she still “loves” him etc. That was ridiculous, and also incoherent because Tristan would never be invited back at Chilton considering the circumstances of his leaving…)
      -I think you’re totally right about Jess and Dean. I’m rewatching the original series at the moment, and in season 5, it’s Jess who pulls Rory out of the mess she, Logan and his family, and her grandparents have put her in. He’s always there to “save” her, and even in this revival. But in the original series, we also knew he had pulled himself together. This time, he was there to help out again, and basically solve Rory’s crisis, but we barely know anything about his new life, and frankly I think they should have ended up together…
      -Finally, Luke and Lorelai’s relationship… I know they get a happy ending, but they already got their happy ending at the end of season 7. I thought it was perfect. The fact they only get married at the end of the revival makes it seem like their story finally gets some closure, when it didn’t need any.

      All in all, I think the original show ended very well, and I now feel I need to block the memory of the revival out of my head to preserve everything that made me love Gilmore Girls.
      I realise this makes me sound like a hater who has very negative views and doesn’t like anything new, but I was actually very hopeful and optimistic about the revival, and I felt the writers let me -as a fan- down.


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