Regretting Autumn already

I have been back in Oxford for over four weeks now, and it has been absolutely crazy. What I feared would happen, happened: I struggle to find the time to sit down and create content. Worse even: I struggle to find inspiration for creating content. It especially struck me, when I took my camera out for the first time, two weeks after being back. I’m trying hard to take the time to look around when I’m going from one place to another. Oxford does not lack in subjects to photograph, especially at this time of year. I dream of bringing you a collection of dreamy photos of cycling students and floating scarves, in old cobbled streets niched between Medieval buildings; or reading sessions in incredible libraries with beautiful light coming through those massive old windows.

Surrounded by beautiful colours lately, we’ve all been claiming Autumn (or Fall) is our favourite season. I would like to disagree. Autumn is undeniably the most colourful and photogenic season but there is something inherently fleeting about it. There is no Autumn solstice, just a constant decline. Everyday, the colours get more and more intense, but the canvas gets less and less dense. I wallow in this illusion. I tell myself there’s time: I’ll go shoot the facades of Trinity and Christ Church colleges tomorrow, or next week. And before I’ll know it, my work won’t have gotten any less intense and I’ll have missed out on all those beautiful dying leaves who are dying to be immortalised before being raked and forgotten for the next 4 months.

Therefore, let’s all make time to go outside while the temperature allows it, and appreciate all things Autumn while they last. We will all regret warm colours, and the light that lets us see them, when tree are bare and days end at 3.30pm.