My surprising Paris comfort food: Siseng

This post took long enough but I am super happy to share this post with you all because it’s about my favourite restaurant in Paris ! Siseng, on the Canal Saint Martin.


I know it’s a pretty bold statement, but if the apocalypse happened, and I could only save on restaurant to feed myself for the rest of my poor and sad life on a destroyed Earth, I’d choose Siseng. It’s the only Parisian address that would bring me enough comfort to emotionally survive the end of the world. Heck, maybe I’d get over it ! 

I mean, you’d think that when in Paris, I love to wallow in gratin dauphinois and bœuf bourguignon, but the truth is that my Vietnamese blood needs to fuel on coriander, fish sauce and coconut milk.

Open for 2 years, I discovered this small and busy restaurant back in January, on a very cold evening. I didn’t realise I was going to find the most epic Asian food bar. With a simple menu, yet enough options, they’ve got you covered for any craving : delicious bao burgers bursting with flavours, and perfected to the point that chicken in a burger seriously competes with beef ! Unique chunky, sweet, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside sweet potato chips, a Bo Bun drenched in homemade nuoc mam (fish sauce), a Tom Kha Khai to die for and other darn tasty things.


I’m especially a fan of the house drinks, which are so refreshing and originally composed that I never turned the menu around to have a look at their alcoholic cocktail list. All you need is that watermelon and lime drink, or the aloe vera cocktail that has a dash of cayenne pepper to keep your attention on point.



I love this place so much, I’ve taken LITERALLY every single person who’s come to visit me in Paris. You bet that after that, they recognise me over there. I even got a capture of Greg before service on a summer day and uploaded it on my photography portfolio : check it out over here !

It’s always nice to know a place so well that you always feel welcome, that is because you’re also familiar with the best and worst times to show up. With such a cool but small space, the restaurant can’t have too many people sitting in, which means you’ll have to queue at peak times – but what are you going to do ? the food is unbelievable –  and isn’t so great on cold wintery nights. However, on warmer days, you can totally order to take away and enjoy your delicious meal on the Canal Saint Martin where the ambiance is on point during the summer. I also love when they have the windows wide open and the restaurant atmosphere bursts out of the place onto the pavement, getting random pedestrians to stop and have a peak in, wondering what the fuss is all about, completely ignorant that they’re missing out on the most incredible meal.


I really can’t recommend this place enough… And when you go and take a bite of that bao burger, or ruin the super intagrammable bo bun with a good mix, you’ll understand why…

82 Quai de Jemmapes
75010 Paris
Open Tuesday to Sunday
Price range : 10-18€ (and a burger-fries-drink week day lunch deal at 15€)
Best times to come are beginning or end of service
Note : the menu is friendly to spice-phobics