Dessert-like Burrata

I wish I could say I invented this, but I didn’t. I owe this piece of beauty, and the genius combination of flavours to Camille from La Buvette in Paris, 11e. Her little bar à vin is one of my favourite spots in the city to enjoy a good glass of chilled Alsace white wine and some gorgeous things to nibble on : I mean, if you’ve spent any time in England like me, you must know how unappealing beans can be, yet Camille turns them into the most instagrammable dish, using chunky beans, extra virgin olive oil, rock salt and of course, coriander flowers (and other edible colourful things).

My favourite plate to get at La Buvette, among other things, is the burrata. Served with sourdough bread, and sitting in olive oil, it’s proper creamy foodporn right there. And again, it’s made pretty photogenic with a sprinkle of dried raspberry powder. Speak of thinking outside of the box.

However, the most surprising flavour combination was when that burrata was served to me with vanilla infused olive oil and fresh raspberries…


It may sound strange, but it all works in beautiful harmony: a marriage ceremony between the soft vanilla and the creamy burrata, cut with a little sweet and a little tart touch of raspberries. And if you thought vanilla and olive oil shouldn’t be near one another, well, you’re wrong. They compliment each other in such a unique way you have no choice but recreate it at home !

Hence why I bring you the “recipe” and hope you’re inspired to combine these flavours in other dishes (a Panna Cotta ?).

Ingredients :
-1 really good quality burrata
-2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (my favourite is from Provence)
-1/4 tsp of fresh vanilla beans (don’t throw the stalk away ! instead, store it in sugar ;D )
-a handful of fresh raspberries

Mix the vanilla in the olive oil. It’s better to do this in advance to let the flavours mingle but you can also do it just before serving.
Place the delicate burrata in a serving plate and shower it with the vanilla infused olive oil.
Cut the raspberries in half or quarter and place them on top and around the burrata.
Done. Serve with some toasted sourdough bread.

Enjoy this plate with a glass of white wine, as an appetiser or after a light meal. Either way, it’s the perfect way to start of finish dinner.