Au revoir Folie Jolie… Hello The Croissant Postcards !!!

Not a Pokemon Go evolution, although it did take 8 months of walking (and thinking) here and there to finally happen.


I created Folie Jolie back in 2013 just because. I had no direction, no focus, I didn’t know why I wanted to have a blog. Many things have changed since April 2013 : I’ve grown, I’ve found a direction, a passion, I’ve met new people who’ve influenced me. Bref : I’m a whole other person.

I decided I’d change the name of my blog to something that conveyed my focus and personality better. However, if I was going to make a change, I’d need to be 100% sure. Thus started the months of doodling names in my little notebook, suggesting things to friends and them replying “meh”, not finding something that reflected me enough or sounded like I wanted.

But then my year abroad in Paris came to an end. And I realised how much the past 12 months have shaped me. All the things I now know, the skills and interests I’ve developed, all the new people I’ve met who inspire me. I thought about all the photos I took, all the croissants I ate, all the letters I wrote to friends…

I asked myself why it mattered that my three passions were gathered in a blog : food. writing. photography.
It’s because just like my blog, they give me an opportunity to share things with people.

  • My love of cooking comes from sharing meals with friends and family and knowing they enjoy delicious food thanks to me. When people ask me how I find the time to cook, I explain that to me, cooking / baking is my therapy. The longer I can make it last, the better. It clears my mind. I love to cook things from scratch, even if it means I need to start 2 days in advance as it makes the experience all the more rewarding.
  • My love of writing is something that’s always defined me. From expressing myself and provoking feelings simply by using words, to choosing a degree in literature so I could read and learn from the greatest writers that ever were. This is why I love having a blog as it gives me a platform to write, and to express myself just like I do when I write letters to my friends. People used to write all the time, but today it seems we only have time for “k.” and “yes.” messages and only realise how lovely writing can be when opening the mailbox and finding a hand-written, stamped, picked-out-especially-for-you postcard !
  • Photography, and especially shooting film, is a more recent interest of mine. Purchasing my film camera a year and a half ago, for 35£ on eBay must have been the best investment of my life. It’s changed the way I look at the world, and the way I want to express myself. What I love most about it is that I only have 36 exposures per roll and that I can only see the photos once the roll is finished, and developped, giving every single picture taken an extra value. It’s again, so rewarding to discover them all at once, even photos I had forgotten I had taken, which take me back to a specific place and time, and embody a whole memory in just one small negative.

All in all, I love  that food, writing and photography force me to take a break from our fast pace world and I hope I can inspire you to have a bit more patience for life. Some things are just best when you had to wait for them…

I hope my friends and followers will appreciate this change, and see where it’s coming from. I want this blog to have a direction and to have a name that resonates that. Welcome to The Croissant Postcards !