Halva Bakery

It goes without saying, I miss Paris already. London’s grey sky has made me nostalgic of crossing Parisian bridges in the morning while eating delicious viennoiseries for breakfast. (I’m not exaggerating, my life in Paris was like a movie). Fortunately, I found some comfort at Halva Bakery (Fulham Road) where the pastry chef, Anne-Laure, who was born and trained in France, knows everything there is to know about viennoiseries and other pastry delights. It hurts the wallet a little to go from paying 1€ for a croissant to 2.50£ (eating in) but I’m ready to pay the price if it means I can still wallow in butter and sugar.


Open for over a year now, this little bakery has won over the neighbourhood of Fulham with its spot on sourdough breads and “tradition” baguettes. As a café, it also happens to be the perfect spot for breakfast, alone or with a friend.

img_1551 img_1547 img_1534

___________________I got to try rose water and almond Danish pastry, and my friend Juliette ordered the croissant. The rose water and custard were perfectly balanced, making the pastry perfectly soft and flavoured instead of perfume like and dense. You can tell just by looking at them how crispy the pastries are going to be on the outside, and I can confirm how flaky and soft they are on the inside.


The coffee’s alright, and much cheaper than in Paris which balances the pricier pastry since you get breakfast for a fiver. Not too shabby !

Let me know in the comments below which London bakery I should try next, I can never get enough of cakes and pastries ;)


Halva Bakery
771 Fulham Road
SW6 5HA London
Open Monday to Sunday (closes at 2pm on Sunday)
Price range : 2-3£ for coffee, 2-5£ for a pastry



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