Georgetown on film

Long distance relationship is hard. It will usually lead to feeling lonely at times, when you can’t see the person you love everyday and others don’t understand why you’re giving it a shot when “it never works”. I’m here to tell you: it can! Falling in love 3 months before my boyfriend moved to America to study at Georgetown was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, I probably cried the most tears I have ever cried in my life (and if you knew me, you’d know I cry a LOT). But here we are today: he’s back in London, we made it through and we’re together. If it weren’t for his studies in the US, I probably wouldn’t have crossed the Atlantic ocean yet, and fallen in love again, this time with the prettiest neighbourhood that is Georgetown. You can’t really beat quiet streets, cute colourful houses and tasty food businesses, and all that just by the water. In a way, I’m incredibly grateful as it has made us strong, it has made us grow, and it has made us fatten a bit.

I’m so happy that Julien is back, but it does mean I won’t get to see Georgetown again for a while (when I used to go once a year!), a place where I was always happy simply because I was reunited with my loved one. I will miss walking along beautiful houses, our trip to Georgetown Cupcake, studying in the sun on campus and watching people pass by sitting on a bench by the Potomac river.

The following photos are very precious to me. For 3 reasons: 1) they’re the last memories I have of my annual trips to DC, 2) they remind me of how strong Julien and I have been and how far we’ve come, 3) I thought those beautiful memories were lost when my roll of film decided to hide in a shoe for over 3 months!

I hope that you enjoy these shots! There’s always a bright side to things, and travelling to America once a year definitely made our long distance relationship worth it. ;)

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