Goodbye Paris

Today I finish the chapter of my life as a Parisian, and start my London pages again where I left them. I said goodbye to Paris 3 years ago, not knowing when I’d be back next. It turned out I wouldn’t come back before becoming a Parisian again. This time it’s different. This time Paris stole my heart. I met many amazing people, discovered inspiring businesses, explored the prettiest neighbourhoods, spent the best evenings, sipped the tastiest coffees and ate the most delicious foods. Paris rocked my world, and I’m only saying goodbye for a little while, because I know I’ll be back as soon as possible, mostly because Parisian lifestyle is like a drug: once you get a taste of the simple yet addictive pleasures of the city of lights, you just can’t let go.

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Pentax K1000 – Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400