I had a dream last night: I was eating black olive cookies (sweet cookies). No, I’m not going crazy. Believe it or not, white chocolate and black olives are the perfect sweet and salty combination you’d expect from a cookie, at least when the cookies come out of Moko’s oven. This unusual and improbably delicious flavour combination isn’t the only innovation the Japanese baker has come up with in the café she opened with her husband, Omar, a few months back. Miso and sesame, or sweet corn and rosemary, also marry amazingly in her cookies which carry today the reputation of “best in Paris”. If you’re not convinced, go back to basics and just take a bite of their classic chocolate chip chunk cookie, you’ll be blown away by the crispy outside, and soft inside of this “good for your soul” guilty pleasure. Moko cares and makes her cookies with so much love, she wants you to eat them at their best and will let you know how.


Their savoury stuff is just as packed with flavours : in the back, Omar juggles with plates to serve beautiful dishes, dressed with tahini, feta or n’duja.

With a small menu, they opt to serve seasonal, fresh quality ingredients, perfectly cooked that make the wait (sometimes a bit long) worthwhile. Smaller dishes, bigger flavours: from labneh with za’atar and little fluffy pillows of bread, to spicy and juicy mussels, I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. Omar knows his vegetables and puts colour, texture and flavour on the plate. His fresh and bright dishes perfectly balance the indulgent treats his wife makes for dessert: a power couple that was meant to be? If you’re not convinced, book yourself a table and go see for yourself, crazy busy they still rock in both the kitchen and the dining area, always with a smile on their face.

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Eating there is always a bit of a surprising experience: a café-bakery where you need to book your table, eat like a fine diner and gobble down like a 6 year old child.

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5 rue Saint-Bernard
75011 Paris
Book at: + 33 9 80 81 82 85
Price range : 2-5€ for baked good, 7-18€ for platesIMG_2880 IMG_2876