Yann Couvreur – Avenue Parmentier

Unless you’re not on Instagram, you must have seen the pastries of Yann Couvreur’s newest pâtisserie in the 10th arrondissement all over social media. The reason for that must be that I have never seen such photogenic pastries. You’d have to try really hard to make them look ugly on photo.


I’ve been a few times now, to test the different things that they do and they have never failed to impress me so far! I keep being blown away by how beautiful the pastries look, and how fine and delicate they taste, but also by the very friendly team, and the place as a whole. It’s not a huge pâtisserie but  I’ve always been able to sit down on one of the seats which are all lined up along the windows, allowing everyone the perfect light to snap their breakfast or goûter.

I recently met Yann Couvreur at an event a couple of weeks ago, and he’s the funniest and friendliest guy! He’s also very young, which makes his success even more impressive: Prince de Galles, Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme… he’s now opened his own place which breathes elegance, style but also youth. With a rather small selection of pastries, you’re sure to get quality pastries. I promise you a completely new and exciting éclair experience. With its rectangular shapes, layers of work and technique, delicate flavour combinations and shiny coating, Yann Couvreur’s éclair is a unique création which will leave you puzzled as to why it’s taken you so long to try it. He’s also smart for combining Tonka Bean (the next trendy exotic ingredient once everyone’s over matcha, my bet) with dark chocolate.


Another special gourmandise is the shiny and sparkly merveilleux. It’s about the outside, as well as the inside which hides a magic world of flavours and textures.

The lucky people living in the neighbourhood can stop by in the morning to grab a rolled bun for breakfast with a choice of flavours between hazelnuts, chocolate and pistachio or even pretty pink pralines.

With more beautiful and intriguing pastries like the deconstructed mille-feuille, or the raspberry and tarragon (intrigued? me too!) tart on top of a super trendy location, I’ll be back for more!

Yann Couvreur
137 Avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris
Open 8am-8pm from Tuesday to Sunday
Price-range: 2-3€ for viennoiseries,  6-10€ per person for pâtisseries