Triste promenade…

Like many people, one of the things I love doing the most in Nice is taking long walks with Julien down the beautiful Promenade des Anglais…

Last night was July 14th, a night I had looked for all year long: I couldn’t wait to see the fireworks… it was meant to be a night of joy and celebration. My memory of the Eiffel Tower fireworks will now be stained by the alert notification that made all our phones ring before the magic was even finished… The promenade will now be forever stained by the fear and cries of last night, the poor children who came to live a moment of magic before the horror struck them.

I hope our country can get back to its feet, and that these attacks can finally come to an end, so that some day, we can close the door of our homes behind, and feel safe when in the streets, when on terraces, when in concert halls, and when fireworks are illuminating the sky…

My thoughts and prayers go to all the people and families who were affected by what happened last night, in a place that was meant to only meant to be beautiful, on the Promenade des Anglais.


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