The Ober Mamma hype

Happy Sunday everyone! I apologise for the lack of posts these past two weeks, but consider it a good sign as it means I’ve been busy at work. But do not worry, I still have plenty of content for you! I’m sharing with you today one of my favourite places to eat in Paris and you know what? I’m eating there for lunch.

You’ve probably heard of Ober Mamma before, after all it’s the one place in Paris that already has  40 people queuing before it even opens by 6pm on a Saturday night. Yes, it’s a hassle to go there and after being turned away at 8.30pm because the service is completely booked for the rest of the night, you learn your lesson and show up early. It’s stressful, I know. Unless you’ve arrived 1 hour before opening time, you do wonder “am I going to get a table?”, and I completely understand that it can put people off. We don’t all look for the same dining experience. But is it worth the hype? Hell yeah! I was travelling across Italy this spring and I still haven’t had a pizza as delicious as Ober Mamma’s… (that said, I still haven’t been to Naples) Some Italian folks will hate me, others will snob me, but you know what, it’s the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had. Better than Pizza Pilgrims in London (and that’s my favourite back home).

So what makes this pizza so great?

Well first the crust, obviously. The fluffy charred pizza dough will make you want to eat it on its own, and take some home to replace your pillow.
Then, the tomato sauce… You’re not supposed to put too much marinara on pizza, it makes the dough soggy and nobody wants to eat their pizza with a straw. However, Ober Mamma has mastered the tomato sauce recipe so that its rich flavour tricks you into thinking there is more than needed. Julien and I felt like we were rediscovering pizza as we tasted this unique marinara.
The mozzarella: none of that bland sh*t. It’s melted, it’s gooey and you can taste it.
All in all, it’s the most flavourful pizza you’ll have (at least in Paris) so all of you gluten tolerants out there should be running to get it.


The most delicious pizza in the world aside, I love going to Ober Mamma for other reasons. They seasonal pasta dishes are very special too, and there is something unforgettable about a warming saffron and sausage pasta dish on a cold winter day.













I am also dying to try their cacio e pepe (my favourite dish when I was in Rome!) and always hope it’s going to be on their menu the day I go but I haven’t been lucky yet. For the ones who don’t belong to the “Joey doesn’t share food” club, you can order authentic, fresh Italian produce like parma ham, parmigiano reggiano and my favourite… a big fat and creamy burrata that makes you melt with pleasure.












In addition to the great menu, it’s a really cool place with an open kitchen where you can sit by the bar and watch the cool all Italian team, whirling around with flat caps by way of chef’s hats and preparing delicious food for all the hungry customers, completely stress free, just like the rest of the admirable staff who keep their cool, their smile and friendliness when you’d be losing your mind if you had to face all this crowd twice a day.
My favourite area remains the front of the house, near the window where you can gaze at the cool and design cocktail bar, which makes a hell of a caramel pop corn cocktail (yes, they make that) and which I would order only for the fun of sipping it out of the pineapple jar. (I’m quite a fan of their plateware…). But my drink of choice is always their homemade lemonade that I drink while enjoying the fun and busy atmosphere of this restaurant!





Ober Mamma
107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris
Open everyday : 12.15-2.15pm on week days, 12.15-3.30 pm on week-ends, 7pm-1am Sunday-Wednesday, 6pm-1am Thursday-Saturday
They don’t take reservation beforehand so don’t bother calling. You have to show up at the restaurant and opening time and give them your name and tell them whether you want to have a table right away or if you’d rather come back later). Do show up early!
Price range : 9-15€ for pizza, 12-15€ for pasta