Breakfast plan in Amsterdam: Friends

Although I had done my fair share of research in terms of food and coffee spots in Amsterdam, I let my friend Jess who’s now lived in the city for a few months pick a breakfast spot for us to meet up.

The rendezvous being at 8am, I found myself walking down the canals of Amsterdam on a cold rainy morning, happy to find shelter in the croissanterie Friends.


Amazed by the prices, I set out to have a big breakfast because where else will you find freshly pressed juice (with fruit and veggies of your choice) for €2.20!

And don’t be fooled, the low price does not impact the quality of the food, au contraire, I was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed their whole wheat croissant (in an attempt to make croissant healthier for you). Cappuccino was less than €2 and I was nicely full for the rest of my busy morning visiting the humongous and recently refurbished Rijksmuseum.


The cheap breakfast also helped make up the ridiculously expensive entrance fare for the Rijks (€17…).

If you’re going soon, I strongly recommend the following galleries:
-“Catwalk” if you want to see some seriously amazing dresses that we worn by real people in the past up until the 60s
-Breitner, and especially his series “Girl in Kimono”
-Carel Van Hees’s photo documentary of “Education in Rotterdam”

Nassaukade 122, 1052 EC Amsterdam
Price range: breakfast for under 5€

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