Week-end breakfast at Strada Café

Many cafés in Paris offer a brunch menu on week-ends for the price of 23€. Although the amount of food may justify the price, not all of us want to stuff our faces on Sundays thinking it will make us feel better about spending half a day worth of work (for the poorest among us) when inevitably it will make us feel more like crap (that’s what eating your weight in toast does to you).

Fortunately for us, Strada Café, the instagrammer’s HQ of the 5th, usually filled with students eyes fixed on their screens, turns into a cosy and fun breakfast/brunch spot on week-ends.
Like everybody else, they also offer the classic big week-end brunch (for 1€ less than everywhere else), however they split the deal in half so you can have the breakfast items only for the reasonable price of 10.50€ and I say “reasonable” because you get : hot drink (their latte is huge!!), juice of the day (made on the premises), brioche toasts with butter and jam and fromage blanc with fresh fruit and honey. You won’t feel like you need to eat the other half of this brunch offer once you’ve eaten all of this!

I recommend showing up at around 10am when it’s not too crowded yet and you can half a calm breakfast and hear yourself talk when chatting with your breakfast pal.

You know where to go this week-end!


Strada Café
24 Rue Monge
75005 Paris
Monday-Friday: 8am-6.30pm
Week-end: 10am-6.30pm
Price range: 4€ café crème/latte, 10.50€ breakfast (week-ends only), 22€ brunch (week-ends only)