True Story Juices

I met my friend Jess last year. You might find it difficult to imagine two Asian short girls in an Oxford rowing boat and yet, we held on our seats and rowed one in front of the other all year long.

After rowing together for a year, I headed to Paris while she settled down in Amsterdam to start a juice business: True Story. I’ve been following her start up since the beginning, from the choice of name and logo to first pop ups through social media. However, an inevitable trip to Amsterdam last month was the perfect opportunity for me to really discover her ambitious project with my own eyes, and my own tastebuds.

We met up for a delicious breakfast at Friends to catch up on our lives and for Jess to tell me all about the running of True Story.



Later in the afternoon, I headed to her kitchen in the Pijp where she showed me how they make the juice, from the cold pressing machine to the pretty glass bottles. She explained to me the benefits of cold pressing, in terms of retaining as many nutrients as possible and also dwelled on their flavour combinations which I think are incredible. There are so many juice brands nowadays but they all serve you the same thing and most of the time you’re left with an overwhelming punch of beetroot or lemon. That’s not the case with True Story. Jess and her team have developed incredibly balanced recipes that bring you packed yet subtle flavours which means you can taste every ingredient that went into the juice. This leaves you pretty mind-blown, especially when you read the label and discover the orange colour juice you’re sipping is not your boring carrot-apple-ginger juice but contains sweet potato and red bell pepper!! It’s called “Paleo Heaven” and I swear, it’s the best juice I have ever tried.



Jess also made me taste her personal favourite the “California Dreaming”. Cashew based drinks tend to be very heavy but it was not the case of this juice at all. On the contrary, it was like drinking a Christmasy cloud from a glass bottle.



The packaging is something I want to draw attention on as it is simple, clean and beautiful and I think it embodies the true message that the brand wants to communicate.

I absolutely love the logo and wish I could have taken home with me the entire flavour selection they have on their website. Make sure to check it out, and look out for True Story when you’re in Amsterdam! They deliver, but you can also spot them in pop ups, gyms etc. The best way to keep up with their business is through social media so please give them a follow! I really hope you can try one of Jess’s True Story juices in the near future, they really are the best I have ever had.

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