Best Sandwich in Amsterdam: Small World Catering

Having been to Amsterdam last year, and having done most of the touristy things meant I could spend this second trip to the city of bikes relaxing and enjoying life in Amsterdam. I just walked around for two days, sat in cafés, caught up with friends, and of course: ate lots of food.

I arrived at Amsterdam Centraal on a Thursday around noon, so my first food stop was lunch. I had done a fair amount of research (naturally) and headed to this little sandwich deli that’s located north east of Amsterdam, 15 minutes away from the train station: Small World Catering.


I was immediately charmed by the little tables outside where friends were hanging out sipping freshly pressed juice or coffee and walked inside to order some lunch. Their sandwich board was mouthwatering and it took me some time to make up my mind but I eventually opted for a hot Turkey Melt Sandwich in a whole wheat seeded bread.

I sat at the bar by the window, enjoying one of the best sandwiches I have ever had… The turkey was succulent, the roasted peppers were sweet and juicy, the cheese was melted, and the bread was crispy on the outside, and soft in the middle. Need I say more?


I sat there for a while, digesting my sandwich, using their wifi, listening to the cool playlist, sipping fruit infused water and getting the friendly vibe of customers coming in and out and chatting with the staff. They also serve coffee, salads, cakes, cookies but I was perfectly content with my delicious sandwich.

I know what my first stop will be next time I’m back in Amsterdam, and you should put it at the top of your list too. Small World Catering is an absolute must!

Small World Catering
Binnen Oranjestraat 14, 1013 Amsterdam
Open everyday
Price range for sandwiches: €8


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