Unique food experience in Paris: Miznon

Have you ever thought of having a dish simply made of cauliflower. Or artichoke? It’s an experience you must try at Miznon, a favourite amongst Parisians for its simple menu, simple cooking and yet delicious and unique food.

This restaurant will give you a different insight at Israeli cuisine,something a little different from the typical falafel which is still attractive to people as you can see from the big line of people waiting by L’As du Falafel next door. Skip that fuss and step into Miznon!


You order at the bar, after walking in a little door, and find yourself surrounded by vegetables: cauliflowers piled up by the window, bags of aubergine hanging in a corner, artichoke bouquets looking pretty on the bar. Although vegetables are celebrated in their simplest, and maybe best, form, carnivores won’t be disappointed by the hand written menu which does offer an incredible lamb kebab.

Now, don’t pull that face. I know what “kebab” may sound like to some but this is nothing like your drunk food, end of club night, greasy kebab.

Imagine taking a bite out of the fluffiest pita bread, filled with juicy and subtle lamb meatballs, fresh herbs and unlimited tahini. Dream.

But in my opinion, the plain roasted cauliflower brought to your table wrapped in paper, simply seasoned with a touch of rock salt is the star of the show. Just charred enough, it’s juicy and melts in your mouth, especially the heart, hidden under the florets. This may sound strange, but you have to eat everything!

You won’t believe how satisfying it is to eat cauliflower on its own.

IMG_2513 IMG_2509


It took me 4 people recommending it and 3 months before I finally went and tried that place and I’m now mad at myself for not heading there sooner. Don’t make the same mistake as me!

22 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris
Open: Sunday to Friday from 12pm
Price range: 6-12€ for 1 person