A new burger must in Paris: Buns

The undiscovered rue Gay-Lussac is starting to deserve more attention as cool and friendly businesses decide to give it a shot. After Baba Boudan, I present to you my favourite burger place in Paris: Buns.

Just a few months old, it is probably the smallest burger joint in Paris. Run by two guys, who make everything in a 6 square meter kitchen hidden under a trapdoor below your feet, this place has become our new head quarters with the girls. We love to meet up there and share a meal while listening to some cool music and chatting with the two guys as they grill up more burgers for their multiple orders. We like to think of ourselves as regulars; how do you explain we get carrot cake on the house otherwise?

IMG_0948 IMG_0942 IMG_0944

Considering it is located 5 minutes away from the Luxembourg gardens, you might want to get a take away meal on sunnier days and enjoy it outside. But please, ditch Mc Donald’s and Quick!

The burger itself is tasty, and I love their sauces: they even have wasabi mayo! The patty is on the thinner side, but you can double it! This place is for everyone to enjoy: they happen to make a great falafel burger for the veggies, and a “skinny bitch”, bunless burger for those who can’t have gluten or those who are getting their bikini body ready for the summer. If you’re the latter, do not look at the paprika or herbs chips, or you’ll cave in at the smell. (Just writing about it makes my mouth water)

IMG_0957 IMG_0964

Open for lunch from Monday to Saturday, they will soon serve dinner! And if you’re tempted to try it right away you can have their burger delivered to your door by Deliveroo or Ubereats!

8 rue Gay-Lussac
Burger on its own (but why would you?): 6.90€
Meal deal (Burger, fries and drink): 9.90€