Quiet Coffee Break at Baba Boudan

Having gone around the various popular and busy cafés of the student neighbourhood, my friends and I were very happy to discover a new place on the quieter rue Gay Lussac: Baba Boudan.

A few months old now, it is a small but very cosy soft coloured espresso bar with comfy armchairs, tables outside, electric plugs and wifi. Everything you need really to sit down and do some work or catch up with friends!

IMG_2266 IMG_2270



Isabelle, the lady who runs it is super nice and she makes everything on the spot, in her cute open kitchen. She’s even developping recipes at the moment to serve lunch as well as little “douceurs” to accompany your coffee. I’m personally very fond of, the café noisette and her hazelnut financier which I can’t stop talking about.

Because it is still new, and there isn’t much pedestrian traffic on the street, it is very calm, thus perfect for reading a book, sat comfortably by the window. Promoting this café could backfire in my face as it could make it less quiet, but I just couldn’t not share this wonderful find which I hope you will love too!

Coffee specialists can also buy coffee bags and capsules for their personal comsumption.

IMG_2269 IMG_2275



small info: the café does not have its own bathroom so you need to use the toilets of the building which are meant to be renovated at some point.


Baba Boudan
19 rue Gay Lussac
Open: Monday 13h-19h / Tuesday-Friday 10h-19h / Saturday 10h30-19h (it’s always best to Facebook message Isabelle to double check at what time the café will be open)
Price range: €2-5 for coffee break / €10-12 for lunch