Where we ate in Florence

Our time in Italy was mostly spent eating delicious food, or thinking about what delicious food we were going to eat. Needless to say, it was not a 5 a day kind of trip, but rather a gelato a day one.  Which is why I had to dedicate a whole post to the places were we ate when in Florence, for all you foodies out there.


  • Easy lunch

Il Gusta Pizza
Via Maggio, 46, 50125 Firenze

Unless you have celiac disease, you cannot come to Florence and not go to Gusta Pizza… 5€ to 8€ pizza is probably the best deal you will ever get for delicious pizza dough, smothered with the freshest tomato sauce, the most flavourful mozzarella I have EVER had on pizza and whatever other topping you fancy (when in doubt, always go for salami). You walk in, order at the till, pick a table and wait for your order number to get called. Once done, slip it until the glass table to leave your print on the restaurant. Pizza comes on a massive paper plate so you can easily get take away and eat it on the steps of a pretty church – in which case, don’t pick your white dress that day.


All’Antico Vinaio
Via dei Neri, 74/R, 50100 Firenze

Aka the most recommended place in Europe on TripAdvisor, hence the queue. But don’t let it scare you, the guys in there have obviously learnt to be super efficient and the line moves really quickly. Which means you don’t wait for more than 15 minutes (which I personally find quite reasonable, especially if you’re about to try the best stuffed focaccia in Italy for 5€…). They have set compositions of sandwich or you can pick your fillings yourself, from prosciutto to marinated peppers, and different types of cheese. So go to town! My warning: the strong smell in the shop is enough hint that they use truffle oil and not actual truffles… Just saying.


Mercato Centrale
Piazza del Mercato Centrale dell’Ariento, Via dell’Ariento, 50123 Firenze

This food market has the coolest food court I have ever seen! You absolutely must go there for lunch! There is a huge range of choice in terms of what to eat, or you can do what we did and go around buying produce from different sellers to eat outside. That included prosciutto, olive paste, focaccia etc.


  • Coffee break

Ditta Artigianale
Via dello Sprone, 3/5R, 50125 Firenze

Spare yourself having to deal with untrained and impolite staff and don’t go there for breakfast. We only liked this place for the multiple cappuccinos and lattes they served us whenever we needed a coffee break. It’s a very hipster place, where people like to go to use wifi so it’s on the pricier side for coffee compared to anywhere else you may go for coffee, as in 2€ which seems nothing to us as we’re used to paying 4€ to 4.50€ in Paris for a teeny tiny cup of cappuccino. The waitress was even offended when we told her how glad we were that the coffee was so cheap!

  • Gelato

Gelateria De Neri
Via dei Neri, 9/11, 50122 Firenze

The supposedly “piccolo” cone for 1.80€ fits two massive scoops of creamy gelato and you can choose from a wide range of delicious flavours. Enough said.


Gelateria Edoardo
Piazza del Duomo, 45R, 50122 Firenze

Located just by the Duomo it does attract a crowd but this place was Aisha’s top recommendation and you better put it at the top of your Florence food list as well: organic and homemade, and that’s not just the gelato. You can see them make the cones from scratch before your eyes! The result is an incredibly flavourful and crispy cone just as memorable as the gelato inside. They have original flavours, including vegan ones and if they have the “latte e mele” flavour when you go (cream and apple), however unusual it may sound, make sure to get it! The girls and I all agreed it’s the best gelato flavour we ever tried.

  • Drinks

Il Santino
Via di Santo Spirito, 60/R, 50125 Firenze

I strongly recommend this wine bar that’s on the trendier side, with few tables inside and a small bar, lots of people end up drinking their wine outside with their friends, which is just as good on a cool evening as it gives a great atmosphere to the place. We got to sit inside and each try a glass of wine, paired with an appetiser of the house’s choice in addition to a cheese platter, tasting softer to harder pecorino and all for under 10€.

Caffe’ La Terrazza
Rooftop of la Rinacente, Piazza della Repubblica 150123, Firenze

Don’t go there for the mediocre and overpriced food of this café, but rather the amazing view of the Duomo and Florence rooftops. Have a drink, such as a bellini if you’re feeling fancy although I warn you they don’t use purée from fresh peaches or other cocktails which are all about 10€, the price you pay for the view really.

  • Dinner

Osteria Santo Spirito
Piazza Santo Spirito, 16/R, 50125 Firenze

This was the first place where we ate in Florence and it raised the bar high for the rest of our stay. A lovely restaurant with a big terrace at the corner of a the square Santo Spirito, at the heart of the South Bank/hipster bit of Florence. Aisha had booked us a table and we happily sat outside, around a 16€ bottle of red wine and delicious homemade pasta dishes for under 13€. I personally loved my fresh mussel tagliatelle (which you should NEVER sprinkle with parmesan because it’s seafood!) and the pretty plate I found underneath as I gobbled the dish.

Trattoria Anita
Via del Parlascio, 2, 50122 Firenze

This place is much cheaper,and maybe not as delicious as Osteria Santo Spirito, but still very good. I mean half a bottle of light red wine for 2€, who’s going to complain? It may seem a bit touristy considering the menu is translated into English but it serves authentic homecoming Italian food. The staff is lovely and you can get a Primo for under 8€. Have the Panna Cotta for dolci (dessert), it’s to die for!


I hope you get to try some of these places on your next trip to Florence, they’re all really worth trying!