Exploring Florence

After a not so stress-free train ride from Venice, we finally made it to the second stop of our Italian adventures: Florence!

Our 2 days exploring this city were made wonderful by the help of my friend Aisha who’s lived there for a couple of months, who let us crash at her place and shared many great addresses for food as well as tips for visiting Florence. Thank you Aisha! <3

We obviously saw the Palazzo Vecchio, the Duomo and the Campanile di Giotto, although we were quite content with seeing them only from the outside. Being in Florence for 48 hours meant we didn’t have much time to waste queueing to then be stuck in crowds all afternoon. Instead, we opted for bellinis on the rooftop terrace of the Rinascente from which we could actually see the top of the Duomo: what a view!

It was sadly too sunny to lock ourselves in the Uffizi gallery but that’s alright: it just means we’ll have to come back to Florence ! We walked around the Boboli gardens of the Palazzo Pitti which were stunning! We were lucky to be there when roses were in bloom, which felt like stepping in a bottle or rose essence. The best part about the rose garden there has to be the view: dreamy Tuscany and its hills, valleys, colours… *daydreaming*

For the best view of Florence, you have to go to the Piazzale Michelangelo, which also has a beautiful rose garden. Go all the way up at evening time to see the glorious city in golden hour light. When you think you’ve reached the top, go up some more to visit the San Miniato al Monte abbey, a small basilica which you can enter free of charge.

Florence is such an old city which has retained its historic culture and architecture, the best example being the Ponte Vecchio which we saw many times, although we avoided crossing it in the middle of the day by fear of being overwhelmed with tourists. Funnily enough, the first time I walked through it I didn’t realise we were on a bridge as it just looks like another street!

Here are a few photos which will give you an idea of what our stay was like. Camera: Pentax K1000.
And if you want some motion, please check my youtube video!

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