Burano Island

Our stay in Venice was incredible, but the magical island of Burano took our amazement to a whole other level.

We really didn’t think we’d be able to go as we had so little time in Venice and it’s a bit of a journey on the ferry but after looking up all the photos on Pinterest, my friends Jess, Sarah and I decided it would be worth the time and distance. It turns out, we couldn’t have been more right!

In not so many words, Burano is a rainbow, floating on the turquoise water of the Mediterranean.

As our ferry arrived, we couldn’t believe our own eyes: the harmony of colours outlined by pretty canals was beyond our expectations and we did not waste any minute. We hopped off the boat and went off to explore the little streets of the island which are surprisingly deserted. We’d sometimes see someone open their shutters, look out the window and shout a friendly “hello” at a neighbour lining out their laundry to dry.

The island is known for its lace, which is the second tourist attraction of Burano after its colourful houses. But you can’t eat lace, so as pretty and impressive as it was to see a “nonna” at work, I was more interested in walking in local pastry shops and try the local specialty: “Essi”! They are inexpensive “S” shaped cookies, with a very soft, cake-like texture and orange flavour. They’re sold in many flavours including chocolate chips! I still regret only having one so make sure to stock on them!

Whenever I go back to Venice (and I will!), Burano will be at the top of my list and it should be at the top of yours! And if you’re not convinced I’ll let those photos do the work (shot on Pentax K1000, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400).

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