Taco heaven in Paris at Cantine California

If you’re anything like me, you loooooove making lists. We have so many things to do nowadays and Netflix getting in the way makes it hard sometimes to stay focused, so I like to keep lists to remind myself of what I have or want to do.

Being in Paris for my 3rd year abroad as part of my college degree means my life as a Parisienne has an expiration date. Sadly… Which is why, instead of moving back to England filled with regrets I will spend my revision-drowning final year with wonderful memories to cheer me up thanks to my one and only PARIS BUCKET LIST!

Now, someone slightly older than me told me he had never heard of the term “Bucket list” before I ever mentioned it to him and tried to convince me it must be an Oxford thing. It’s not! A bucket list is the list of things you want to feel your bucket with, as in: all the things you want to do by the time you… die.

As I do see leaving Paris and heading back to Oxford final year as a form of death, I find it perfectly reasonable to call the list of all the Parisian spots I want to check out before the end of the summer my “Paris bucket list”. This list mostly involves restaurants and cafés. Shocker. And the impossible goal is to tick them all off by the time I hop on the Eurostar back to my grey and rainy life.

I recently ticked off one place: Cantine California.

I’ve found it difficult to find good Mexican cuisine in Paris but this is the one. Whether you’re a burger kinda guy, or a taco kinda gal, you will find fresh tasty heaven.

My friend Chloe from My Life Living Abroad and I both went for tacos as the burgers looked massive and we were more in it for a “light” lunch (I’m surprised with myself too!) but we were not disappointed. You can get 3 to 5 tacos depending on how hungry (and rich) you feel, and mix and match the fillings you fancy.

I went for fish, chicken and vegetarian cheesy tacos. Think fresh lime, coriander, crunchy cabbage, crispy fried fish, spicy chicken and melting cheese…
These tacos were big, fragrant, fresh and delicious and although they were filling, I probably could have eaten another three. I’ll just have to come back for more! and try their incredibly intimidating burgers…

On top of that, the restaurant has a lot of space, which means that for once you don’t feel all cramped, something I reproach to many of my favourite yet overcrowded restaurants and cafés. It also has big windows and you know how I feel about those… A luminous space is vital to feeling like you can breath, and of course instagramming your food!
IMG_0820 IMG_0817


Head over to
46 rue de Turbigo

75003 Paris 
Phone: +33 9 81 15 53 13
Open every day
Price range: 10-20€ per person

PS: let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share my Paris Bucket list!