Craft at Café Oberkampf

I’ve written before about my friend Jess’s passion for craft. Meeting her and becoming friends has been one of the highlights of my year, not only because we get along so well but also because she’s been teaching me about craft.

After a stop at La Droguerie (the best and cutest craft shop in Paris) to stock on wool, we both started weaving projects.

Jess often says about craft that it’s not the finished product that matters most but the process of making it: to my horror, she’ll undo entire blankets and scarves to make something different out of the re-used wool.

We like finding cute spots such as the Seine to do our craft, or cute cafés on colder or wetter days. This time we settled at one of our favourite spots in North-East Paris: Café Oberkampf.

I love going there to do work, or in this case, craft, as they have big windows with West-exposition which means you get a lot of light inside, especially in the afternoon, which is the better time to go anyway if you want to do work as it gets very crowded around lunchtime – but who can blame them: the food is delicious.

We unshamingly took up two tables that afternoon for Jess to teach me how to make a weaving loom out of an old cereal boxe while she knit an entire headband from scratch.

She recently started a blog about her craft and tells you all about headbands so make sure to go check it out at

In the meantime, if you go to Café Oberkampf and notice a “No Craft” sign next to their “No Laptop on week-ends” sign, you know it’ll be because of us.


Have a lovely week you beautiful people! (ps: I’ll be uploading a youtube video abut craft shops in Paris so stay tuned!)

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