Easter Cheesecake Eggs

Happy Easter everyone!!

I hope you’re all eating your body weight in chocolate (I know I am) and have a lovely long week-end surrounded by your loved ones. I discovered the world of blogging and online cooking shows three years ago, when I had just moved out of my parents’ house and only knew the basics when it came to making food. Far from being an expert today, I think I now know a lot more than I used to and have some tricks up my sleeves. One of those tricks is actually an eye trick as I present my family with fake soft boiled eggs! They’re actually made of hollow chocolate eggs, filled with no bake cheesecake and Β topped with a passion fruit and apricot syrup. Not only are they a pleasure to the eye but the flavours will be a lovely surprise to your tastebuds.

I found this recipe on the first blog I ever followed, The Londoner and really recommend you give it a try! Serve them in egg cups or an egg box for even more effect and enjoy. No need to time you cooking, the yolk is guaranteed to be runny 100%!