Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0060Today is Mother’s day in the UK.

Now, I am 99% sure my siblings completely forgot about it and didn’t do anything special for my mom today. I’m not home to remind them, nor organise a big brunch or celebration to let my mom know how much she means to us and how much we appreciate everything she does for the family.

My mom is the most beautiful woman I know. She’s also, like many moms, a super woman, who’s dedicated her whole life to her family. I always knew she was a strong woman, and that it must have been hard to start a new life with my dad away from everything she knew back home in Vietnam, including her amazing family. But it was when we were both in Vietnam a month ago that it really hit me, how much she had to give up: I had never seen her this happy, patient and comfortable. She was on holiday I guess, but she still found time to do work and yet not once did she get angry. I mean, can you believe we spent two weeks together without a fight? (If you knew either of us you’d realise how incredible that is…).

I admire my mom for being so brave and taking life as it is, overcoming challenges and growing wise everyday. She’s taught me so much and I’m immensely grateful. I’m also super proud of everything she’s achieved and despite our differences, I know that my siblings and I wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for her love.


Happy Mother’s day Mẹ! Je t’aime.





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