Crossing the road in Saigon

Crossing the road in Saigon can be a scary experience for foreigners. Remember the scene at the beginning of Mulan when the grandma crossed the road with the cricket? That’s it. There aren’t many zebra crossings and red lights, and when there are, 50% of vehicle drivers don’t even acknowledge them. The best way to go around town is to be confident, look around, take a deep breath and just go for it. Not the time to be texting while crossing the road of course. The thing is that no one drives really fast, and motocycles can avoid you easily so it’s ok if the road isn’t completely clear. You’ll get used to it after practicing a couple of times.

On that note, here’s a youtube video I’ve uploaded where I give you a little tour of Saigon while on my cousin’s motocycle. Hope you enjoy!