Vietnamese Coffee: Cà phê sữa đá

I spent two weeks in Vietnam, drinking Vietnamese coffee made by my aunt, Di Nhi who is such a babe. Twice a day, at least. If you’ve never heard of cà phê sữa đá, let me break down to you why it’s the best drink in the world:
-when it gets really hot, like it does in Vietnam, we don’t need to warm ourselves up with a hot cup of Italian cappuccino so we like having iced coffee instead
-Vietnamese coffee bean is delicious: I don’t understand why it’s not more renowned than Italian or Arabic coffee bean, I personally think it’s the best. Just smell freshly ground Vietnamese coffee and let me know if you don’t agree with me
-Vietnamese people haven’t gone all dairy and sugar free crazy yet (no offence to vegans, I love you guys, and I’m too thankful for almond milk) and so they still like condensed milk in their coffee.

This is what you’re left with: a super strong Vietnamese espresso, with condensed milk stirred in and served with lots of crushed ice. It’s something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning. Especially when it was made by your loving aunt.

If you’re lucky enough to come to Vietnam, try a cà phê sữa đá on a terrace at literally ANY café. You can also learn how to make it yourself: when in Vietnam, or in an Asian supermarket nearby (if they have it), look for ground Vietnamese coffee, and the Vietnamese espresso maker.

Follow this tutorial to make a Vietnamese espresso: HERE
Pour some condensed milk and stir well. Taste and adjust to your liking (I like it more bitter than sweet).
Crush some ice in a cloth and serve everything in a tall glass with a straw.
Once you’ve finished sipping, have another one!