OOTD: Áo Dài

If you ever visit Vietnam, you will come across the traditional Vietnamese dress, Áo Dài. It is worn by women all over the country, in different styles, and for many occasions from the New Year to School days. I used to go through photos of my mom back when she was a student wishing I could have my own áo dài as well some day… I didn’t realise back then how easy it is to actually get one, and I now go to the tailor every time I stay in Vietnam. All you have to do is pick the fabric for the dress and the pants, head to the tailor for them to take your measures, pick your design and come back a few days later with a brand new outfit that will cost you less than 15£.

Wearing áo dài reminds me of my Vietnamese roots; its original design is unique and compliments the female body, I feel beautiful and happy in it.


IMG_9755 IMG_9664 IMG_9788

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