Choux à la Crème de Popelini

Warning: Chou pastry snobs, close the window.

I’ve had a very Marie-Antoinette month: I went to the exhibition on Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Lebrun at the Grand Palais (which was something), had a stroll around the Versailles gardens, the Grand and the Petit Trianon, and despite my very good will to be on a diet, I have been eating choux à la crème (cream puffs).


Now I’ve shared with you one of my favourite things to do in Paris: goûter from La Maison du Chou sitting by the Seine on the Ile Saint Louis with a view on Notre-Dame. I know, I’m loving life right now.
Another favourite is walking down the rue des Martyrs after a little stroll around Montmartre. This street has the cutest little restaurants, flower shops and bakeries. People rage about Rose Bakery but to be honest, I walked in very disappointed. A little bit further down however, you will find Poplini, another Parisian Maison de Chou à la Crème. This Maison exists since 1540, so they know their stuff. Unlike La Maison du Chou, they have very elaborated flavours, with very sophisticated decorations. From raspberry panna cotta to rose confit framboise, anyone will find happiness. I know I did when I picked the flavour of the month, which of course, had to be Galette des Rois: a delicious chou with vanilla pastry cream, frangipane and even a little round of puff pastry inside (I seriously don’t know how they do it). A real delight! IMG_9181 IMG_9183 IMG_9178



They are a bit heavier than those of La Maison du Chou, but thus very filling, and one for 2.40€ is plenty as a dessert or a little goûter. Head to one of their two shops (rue Debelleyme or rue des Martyrs) and treat yourself!