Best Noodles in Paris

Trois Fois Plus de Piment

This is not the place for those of us who cannot eat pepper and struggle with the level of spice “lemongrass” at Nando’s… This place is three times spicier but also three times cooler. Located in the 3rd arrondissement among other trendy restaurants, it has been nominated for the “best noodles” award in and they’ve really earned this title.

A small restaurant. Rue Saint-Martin. Handwritten menus. A small seating area on the ground floor, and a small room upstairs. Small tables, small stools. You’ll hustle people as you get up to make your way to the till.

But it’s cool, it’s part of the atmosphere people seek when they enter Trois Fois Plus de Piment. The atmosphere and the spice! On a scale from 1 to 5, the waitress will recommend to choose a low number your first time there. Julien and I both went for a 2 but I’m pretty sure I can go up to 4 (warning: I’m a spicy spice girl).

The Dan Dan noodles for him, Dumplings in broth for her.
IMG_9106 IMG_9120 IMG_9128

On top of being delicious, the proportions are very generous. These bowls don’t have a few noodles and dumplings floating on the surface, hiding nothing but broth underneath. I kept swallowing pork dumplings after pork dumplings wondering when it would ever end! Not that it’s a bad thing… The wonton around the meat was the perfect thickness and the flavour was top notch! My chopsticks also had a few dips in Julien’s dish as the broth was rich and indulgent, and most of all: it had peanuts.

IMG_9111 IMG_9110


I always say this, and I’ll say it again. Businesses like this one, which offer amazing food and atmosphere are popular, and this particular one is too small to host all its crowd at once so be ready to wait outside. Even if it’s cold and raining and you think you should opt for a suspicious falafel down the road instead of waiting, remember the comfort a big bowl of noodles and broth will bring you. That outta do it.

Trois Fois Plus de Piment
184 rue Saint Martin, 75003
One bowl: 8-11€
I should add that the waitresses are really friendly.