À Nous Deux 2016!

Happy New Year Everyone!

May your year 2016 be filled with love, laughter and success!

This year 2016 means a lot to me… It will be my last year of fun student life before having to face the reality of Oxford finals, and worst of all: finding a job.

All the more reason to have the most fun this year!

Starting with losing a little holiday weight, and hitting the gym again to reach those fitness goals:
-being able to do 50 push ups in one row again
-achieving 5 pull ups
-managing 10 squats and deadlifts with 50kg
-start running again
(I feel like writing down those goals will be extra motivation to not give up! what are yours?)

In terms of resolutions, 2016 will be the year of no stress! Although I still want to be as busy as a bee, I refuse to stress and have panic attacks like I used to in my second year at Oxford: this is the old me. The new me will feel cool and free, and just enjoy real life. This implies less screen (I know, good luck on that!). I want to turn down my passive Netflix watching to reading one novel a month at least and post about it on the blog so that you can all keep track of my readings and maybe even want to read what I recommend!

Travel wise: I’m going to Vietnam at the end of the month (and I cannot wait to share my experience of the Têt! aka Chinese New Year), I also plan on going backpacking across Italy, visiting friends and family in Holland, and going around France (Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes etc).

Finally, I want to make the most of my 6 months left in Paris. There are still so many coffee places, bakeries, restaurants and trendy spots I have to check out and I don’t know how I’m going to do it all! The bucket list is endless!

That’s it for today my lovelies, let’s all have a fantastic year!

Lots of love, Pau

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