La Maison du Chou

Sometimes, you have to mix and match Parisian clichés. Don’t get me wrong, macarons are great! Especially eaten in the sun by the Seine. We all love them… Even those of us who play on GF team… However, there are other wonderful French artisans in Paris who in my opinion are just as good as La Durée and Pierre Hermé. How to find them? They are labelled “meilleur ouvrier de France”, an award  given every 4 years to the best French artisan. This is the case of Manuel Martinez, chef of Le Relais Louis XIII and father of one of my favourite patisseries in Paris: La Maison du Chou.


The concept is simple: beautiful, light, crackling and empty chous, freshly filled in front of your eyes with a just as light flavoured crème fleurette.

I can’t get enough of them.


The chou case is perfect: its crackling top adds the perfect texture to balance the entire treat.

As for the cream… Oh my… The cream is pastry cream, aerated with whipped cream so the whole chou doesn’t feel like you’re eating a big heavy ball.

In terms of flavours, they have the “classic”, which I believe is far more original than any other vanilla pastry cream and I swear, there is a touch of cream cheese in it… Chocolate, salted caramel (a favourite), and the flavour of the month! Choose your flavour, and you’ll see your salesman/saleswoman take out the biggest piping syringe and fill your chous for you.

One word: miam.

They have two shops: one in Saint-Germain des Près with a seating area, but although this one is closer to where I live, I prefer to go to their more recent shop on the Ile Saint Louis. It’s smaller, and by way of seating area, you have the quais de Seine. Just walk down to the south bank of the island to enjoy a beautiful view of Notre Dame, and a delicious chou in the sun. So instagram worthy.
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photos taken with Pentax K1000