Boot Café

My favourite neighbourhood in Paris has to be le Marais. I’m incredibly lucky that the office where I work part time is set there. On my way to work, I like spotting the cute stickers on buildings, the adorable street names (rue des Mauvais Garçons), and of course, stopping at my favourite coffee places to catch up with friends, or even to sip a good café crème by myself.

One of those coffee shops is Boot Café: the smallest café you’ll ever go to in Paris, and also the most adorable. Built in an old cobblers shop, they’ve kept the old frontage which could be misleading and make you miss the café as you pass by if it weren’t for the espresso sipping crowd standing/sitting outside because they love the coffee there.

After having to order a take away coffee because there was no more room in the café (there’s literally room for 4-5 people in there), I now go early when it’s still a bit quiet.

IMG_9034 IMG_9022


I met up with my friend Fah the other day for some camera talk / growing in an Asian family talk around a really good cup of coffee. We weren’t disappointing and quite enjoyed the cool hipster vibe coming from all the postcards and pictures of the wall, handmade things and bites and just the cool people walking in and out for their daily caffeine dose.

IMG_9028 IMG_9026 IMG_9039 IMG_9041

Couldn’t expect any better from my favourite neighbourhood in my favourite city. <3


Boot Café
19 rue du Pont Aux Choux
Coffee: 2.50-4€
Head over there around 10-11am. xxx